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“Music is as much a science as it is an art.”

/Pierre Boulez/

We operate our company, entitled Delta Classic as an individual division in the form of a fully comprehensive service, meeting the specific sound technology requirements of appearances, productions related to classical music.

Fundamental objective of the company is to broadcast never-changing thoughts formed in the historical ages to our current era. In compliance with the accepted standards, by the application of new innovations letting our own present be heard by the future. The colleagues working for Delta Classic are always striving to broadcast tnon-reproducible moments at the highest possible level to the public, as the first beat is as important as the sound of the last chord.

As general contractor and partner we perform the amplification, sound transmission and sound recording of several well-known public international events, television productions, classical music concerts in the “background”, but still our company also becomes the main character of the event by delivering excellent quality and providing and/or operating an up-to-date, all-in-one integrated modern technology.

The expertise and references of our employees gathered during the last few decades in the areas of music, concerts and sound technology guarantee the added professional value and loyalty towards the genre, at the same time towards culture.

Each era carries its own historic characteristics. The typical feature of our ear includes the number of real-time accesses, whereby we offer an alternative providing the highest possible technical content by keeping in mind the central values.

DC = Innovative transmission of classic, high quality sound culture without borders.

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Delta Classic is specialising in amplifying full orchestras. We are able to meet the sound engineer, sound technician and equipment/device-related requirements of nearly all kinds of music formations, independently from size and composition.

We have achieved the current operation of our individual profile by using several decade long international event technology experience we have gathered and our maximum professional sensitivity for acoustic and classical music. We believe that in the world of quality sound technology nothing is impossible. We perform all tasks with the outmost care, detailed accuracy and sometimes with artistic empathy.

  • Design and execution of complete full orchestra concerts
  • Execution of events hosted at extraordinary venues
  • Concert recordings by bands
  • Device/equipment and know-how outsourcing
  • On–stage microphone supply services for bands/orchestra and rental, facilitation of in-ear monitoring systems
  • Rental and facilitation of complex wireless systems
  • Mixer board rental with support technician
  • Rental and facilitation of effects and accessory sound technology electronic devices
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The team of Delta Classic makes no compromise when we are talking about equipment and devices.

The technical units offered by us represent the most up-to-date and highest level of quality currently available, by keeping in mind the perfectness of music. We believe that we can only get the music to the heart, if sound-transmission is faultless.

Two important features, namely quality and quantity, which result in harmony.
In the followings we would like the devices/equipment to speak for themselves.

The microphone is the first element of the system, which is meeting the sound of the musical instrument. Therefore it is vital to work with the most refined and purest devices. The microphone pool offered by Delta Classic, containing several hundreds of microphones, consists of high quality AKG, DPA, EV, Neumann, Schertler, Schoeps, Sennheiser and Shure elements meeting all kind of needs and requirements. microphone1

Transmission of the signal is crucial, thus in the case of both wired and wireless devices we are not leaving it to chance. Thanks to the Shure digital wireless system we are working in the background – without being noticed- for ensuring continuous security and a perfect experience. If we need to transmit signals via cable, we use exclusively special and premium quality Van damme cables. Especially tailored for symphonic stages we use a cable system, which we have perfected during the last so many years and its presence is unnoticeable on stage. microphone2

In order to achieve quality sound, several analogue and digital accessory electronic devices, effect and di-boxes are available to us. All types of di-boxes manufactured by the Canadian Radial company can be used for electric instruments, or by using our modern era’s Bluetooth technology and by this supporting the undisturbed experience. With the help of accessory electronic devices and effects, the last sound will also find its right place. Just to mention a few (non-exclusive list): Antelope, Avalon, Bricasti, BSS-Audio, DBX, DirectOut, Eventide, Lexicon, RME, SPL, TC Electronic, Tube-Tech, Waves, XTA products or the representatives of the plug-in world, such as: Flux, McDSP, Plugin Alliance, Sonnox, Waves. Each and of the above brand within its own category represents top quality.

The detailed list of our tools is available here.


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Delta Classic besides traditional equipment rental services offers complex solutions according to the requirements and within the range of the available possibilities. With the support of our expert team we undertake the planning and technical execution of symphonic concerts and theatre events from the very beginning, namely starting from emerging needs until the handover of the recordings.

Our stage structure setup established based on our several years-long experience by taking into consideration both the professional and convenience-related aspects turns the musical area into a place which can be enjoyed to the maximum. If you need on-stage microphone-related services, we offer a wide range of possibilities starting from the basic solutions to individual requirements, for example using the Schoeps Colette system, which we use all over Europe for the concerts of Andrea Bocelli and Placido Domingo. Due to our stable and reliable Shure Axient wireless system and miniature microphones we are also able to provide services under more extreme circumstances, for example at a location close a television broadcast tower without any issues, which we have done on many occasions in the past.

Cabling, which comes in minimalist style and designed to look good does not destroy the aggregate stage view and it is not necessary to install endless flow of cables up to the mixer board, make it a club concert held at a small venue or in a stadium with several thousands of spectators.

Being on stage is not only a determining factor for the musicians, but it also has an impact on the audience. If the performers don’t feel good on stage, the audience sometimes becomes tenser and less enthusiastic.

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We specialise in amplifying full orchestras. We are able to meet the sound engineer, sound technician and equipment/device-related requirements of nearly all kinds of music formations, independently from size and composition.

If you wish to contact us based on the information displayed on our website or regarding any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the following platforms/points of contact:


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Delta Classic contact information:
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E-mail: office@deltatm.hu